Work of Art at Schoups

Work of Art at Schoups

On 15 January 2015, Schoups inaugurated a work of art by Maud Van Haegenborgh.

Maud Van Haegenborgh earned her master´s degree in Visual Arts at the Academy for Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2014.

The office chose a work from her 2012 series, “Il y a plusieurs guerres”.

You can learn more about Maud Van Haegenborgh and her work at

The work of art is located on the 2nd floor of our firm´s building in De Burburestraat in Antwerp.

“Maud´s work consists of the creation of an open space where the dominant regime does not have control and from which a different relation becomes possible in order to offer resistance. The structures she builds and then documents try to be a call. It´s about the beauty of every passionate attempt.” – Inge Henneman.

We thank Maud for her creative contribution to our working space.