Environmental Law

Schoups advises and conducts administrative and civil proceedings for its clientele in the area of environmental law, in the broadest sense of the term. The Schoups firm is especially familiar with the public-law aspects of project development and exploitation.

Kristof Hectors leads this practice group.

Schoups regularly gives specialised assistance for, amongst other things:

  • Urban planning permits (advising, construction appeals to the Deputations, proceedings before the Board for Permit Disputes and civil courts);
  • Environmental permits (advising, administrative appeal proceedings, proceedings before the Council of State and civil courts);
  • Expropriation law (advising and proceedings before the Council of State and the civil courts);
  • Spatial implementation plans (advice, written objections during the public inquiry and proceedings before the Council of State);
  • Recovery actions and enforcement (advising and proceedings before the civil courts);
  • Wind turbine developments (advice and proceedings);
  • Material environmental law (land and buildings policy, water policy, soil pollution, nature conservation law, environmental impact reports, heritage protection, renewable energy, etc.).


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