International Construction Contracts

Our experts in the International Construction Contracts practice group deal with precisely what the group’s name suggests: international construction contracts. These include both special contracts that are implemented internationally and the various standardised contracts, including:

  • FIDIC [ International Federation of Consulting Engineers]
  • NEC [New Engineering Contract]
  • JCT [Joint Contracts Tribunal]

Our specialists offer assistance on:

  • the drafting of international construction contracts and the finalisation of special conditions (particulars) in order to adapt the standard contracts to a project in the Belgian context, both private and industrial projects and public projects;
  • the negotiation of contracts for international construction projects;
  • dispute resolution concerning the execution, termination, interpretation… of international construction contracts, both before the different special dispute resolution bodies (arbitration, Dispute Adjudication/Avoidance Boards (DAAB´s), mediation, etc.) and before the ordinary courts.

On these matters we help Belgian and international clients (contractors, engineers, employers, etc.) who are developing or carrying out projects within Europe. The team gives solution-oriented advice, providing the client with customised assistance in every case.   

In addition, we also organise a range of workshops for clients, both introductory seminars and more practice-oriented sessions.  

The specialists in private and public construction law combine their knowledge and experience derived from the cross-border files of the firm. The team is headed by Siegfried Busscher.